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Working with Sphinx (Search Engine) on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) Stack Server

September 20, 2013 | Web Development | 47 Comments

Recently, I started exploring the differences between the MyISAM and InnoDB MySQL engines. It turns out, the one I was using, MyISAM, is not the best option when it comes to large databases and FULLTEXT searching. After researching the options (MyISAM vs InnoDB), I decided InnoDB was the best engine for an upcoming project. In […]

Display Your Feedburner RSS Subscriber Count

October 07, 2009 | How-To | 1 Comment

Recently, I added my Feedburner subscriber count to my sidebar on the right. Since I did this, I have had countless tweets and emails asking me, how I am able to display it as a number and not as one of the Feedburner chicklets. Let me start this off by saying that you have to […]

Review: TextMate & The Pragmatic Programmers Guide

February 16, 2009 | General, Software Reviews | 1 Comment

I recently switched over from Panic’s Coda to TextMate as my main development/script editing tool and I am very happy I did. Don’t get me wrong, Coda is Great, but TextMate is better! On the surface TextMate seems like a very basic text editor, but don’t let the UI fool you, this application is loaded […]

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