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Quick Tip: Hide Mobile Web Browser Address Bar Improved

March 03, 2012 | Quick Coding Tips | 23 Comments

If you have ever developed for the mobile web, you have probably come across this little snippet of JavaScript which enables you to hide the mobile browsers address bar: function hideURLbar() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); } if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘iPhone’) != -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf(‘Android’) != -1) { addEventListener(“load”, function() { setTimeout(hideURLbar, 0); }, false); } This code hides […]

HTC Incredible Reviewed

The HTC Incredible on the Verizon Wireless network is one of the newest and most fully featured handsets on the market. The Incredible features a Qualcomm® QSD8650, 1 GHz Snapdragon™ CPU, Android 2.1, 8 GB of internal flash memory, a 3.7″ AMOLED screen (480 x 800), and a 8 megapixel camera w/autofocus and flash. The […]

Motorola Droid Review: The Software (Android 2.0)

November 29, 2009 | Software Reviews | 3 Comments

In part 3 of my review of the Motorola Droid, I would like to take an in depth look at the software featured on the device. The Droid is the first phone available in the US with Google’s Android 2.0 operating system. I have never worked with Android 1.x so I wont be able to […]

Motorola Droid Review: The Hardware

November 21, 2009 | Hardware Reviews | 1 Comment

In part two of my Motorola Droid review, I am going to take a look at the hardware of this highly anticipated phone. The Motorola Droid, is a new touch screen phone from Verizon Wireless. It is the first phone to come out with Google’s Android 2.0 OS. People have been excited for the Droid […]

Motorola Droid Unboxing

November 11, 2009 | Unboxing Videos | 4 Comments

In this video, I am unboxing the new highly anticipated Motorola Droid which runs on the Verizon Network. The Motorola Droid is the first phone to become available with the new Google Android 2.0 OS. A full review of the device and its OS and apps will be posted at very soon. Please subscribe […]

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