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Is iTunes Genius the final nail in the coffin for Pandora?

September 09, 2008 | General | 6 Comments

Hot off the press, Apple C.E.O. Steve Jobs just announced a new function in iTunes 8. This function called Genius is essentially Pandora. Based on rating, number of plays, and style of music, iTunes 8 will make other recommendation of artist and songs it thinks you will like. The Genius function will also analyze your […]

What App’s I Have Spent Money On (OS X & iPhone)

September 03, 2008 | Software Reviews | 0 Comments

So I have received a couple of emails and comments from people asking what apps I have actually purchased for my Macbook Pro and my iPhone, so I decided to write a post letting everyone know what apps I think are just so totally awesome that I have actually spent money on them. I will […]

Taking the Challenge

September 02, 2008 | Personal | 2 Comments

I will start by stating, that I am not a workout type person. I don’t like to go to the gym. I prefer to stay physically fit by doing fun outdoor activities that don’t feel like a workout. My favorite activities are hiking and mountain bike riding. I disclose this information to you to show […]

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