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HOW TO: Create a WordPress Archives Page

October 09, 2008 | How-To | 5 Comments

I have received a couple emails from my readers asking me what plugin I use to generate my archives page. Well, truth be told, my archives page is not a plugin. I hard coded that page using WordPress’ built in template tags. Since there is a lot of interest in this page, I decided to […]

HOW TO: Market Your Blog in 2008

September 16, 2008 | How-To | 2 Comments

Over the years, I have blogged, designed, and developed for many websites, and I have developed a very good knowledge of marketing on the internet. Being a blogger myself, I know how hard it is for present day bloggers to get noticed in the overly populated blogging industry of 2008. On that note, I would […]

4GB RAM Upgrade on Macbook Pro

July 02, 2008 | How-To | 3 Comments

In this guide, I am going to show you step by step, how to upgrade ram in a early 2008 model Macbook Pro. I am upgrading my 2.4GHz/200GB Macbook Pro from 2GB of RAM up to 4GB. Th process is very easy, but you still need to take it slow so you don’t damage your […]

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