Host Gator

As detailed in an earlier post (Host Gator vs. Media Temple, a Fight to the Death) I have recently switched over from Media Temple hosting to Host Gator. I want to share my experience thought on Host Gator with you all.

Host Gator is a very established company who currently host over 200,000 accounts. They offer a wide range of hosting packages from small 1 site packages ($4.95/month), medium sized multi-site reseller accounts ($24.95/month), and large dedicated server packages ($174.00/month.) Prices start at $4.95 and go all the way up to $374.00.

The Good

When I switched over from Media Temple, I had a few questions about how to accomplish things. Getting these questions answered were a breeze. Host Gator offers instant chat support, instant phone support, and email support. I have used the instant chat support a few times already and have had all my issues fixed with in minutes.

Host Gator is a WHM/cPanel host. I am a big fan of the cPanel control panel for hosting control. It is something I know how to use and have experience with. cPanel makes it very easy to edit php.ini files, setup emails accounts, and create/edit databases. When I was with Media Temple, I was stuck using Plesk, which I was not a fan of. Host Gator, is hosting provider that manages your server. With Media Temple, when you need something done, all support would do is instruct you on how to do it, or send you to a tutorial, then you would do the work yourself. With Host Gator, you submit the support request, they do it and your done!

The Bad

Just like any services out there, they are not perfect, there are 2 main issues I have discovered concerning my Host Gator Reseller Account. The first negative I have found with them, is the lack of any automatic remote backup services. They allow you to backup items to a remote FTP server, but it is something you have to do, and when you have 30 different domains like I do, doing it manually can take some time. To solve this, I have setup S3sync on my server so that my server gets automatically backed to Amazon S3 automatically every night.

Second, is the lack of root access with a reseller account. I wanted to setup S3sync to run once at night and backup my whole account, but this is not possible without root access. Instead, I had to setup 30 versions of S3sync to backup all of my websites. Why it is not a major problem, it is one thing I miss about Media Temple.

Overall, I am very happy with Host Gator. Dispite the 2 flaws I have discovered so far, I have not regret in choosing them, I hope to be with them for years to come. Host Gator is reliable, well priced, and have amazing support. cPanel over Plesk control panel is a big plus for me and the fact that they manage the servers instead of myself having to do it is great!