If you are a subscriber to my blog, you know that recently (Why I decided to Jailbreak my iPhone) I jail-broke my iPhone 3G with the 3.1 OS. I wanted to walk you all through how to do this, and share my specific experience with you. The method I am going to take you through is for Mac users only. Doing it on Windows is a bit more difficult. My friend Matt just tried to Jailbreak his iPhone 3G w/ 3.1 software on Windows and had no luck. He finally asked if he could come over and do it on my Mac.

What You Will Need:

– Mac Intel Based Computer
iTunes 9
Download PwnageTool 3.13

Step 1: Sync & Backup!!!

I can’t emphasize this enough, plug your iPhone into your computer and allow iTunes 9 to sync and backup the iPhone completely.

Step 2: Open PwnageTool and select your iPhone Model

Once you have downloaded PwnageTool, click it and open it. They first screen you will be asking you what type of iPhone/iPod Touch you have. You have 3 choices, iPhone, iPod Touch 2G, and iPhone 3G(s). If you want to jailbreak just a regular 3G, select 3G(s) as your model.

PwnageTool 1

Step 3: Pwn Your Firmware.

The next screen you see, is where the PwnageTool is looking for your current firmware in the iTunes folder. It should find it automatically, then you just click on it and click the next button. If it doesn’t find your Firmware, it will ask you locate it manually. You can find it in here: Users/****/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

PwnageTool 2 PwnageTool 3

After you locate your firmware, you will be greeted with a screen explaining that PwnageTool will create a jail-broken version of that firmware and will output it to your desktop. After you click ok, you will be greeted with another message asking you “Do you have an iPhone 3G(s) contract that would activate normally Through iTunes?” What this is asking, is do you have a normal AT&T contract for the phone. For most the answer should be yes, but if you have an unlocked phone, and use it on another carrier you will have to say no. Once you click Yes, PwnageTool will create your new custom firmware. This can take 5 to 10 minutes, so be patient.

PwnageTool 4 PwnageTool 5

PwnageTool 6

Step 4: DFU Mode

After your new custom firmware has been created, you will be asked if you have jail-broken this phone before. if this you your first time, just say no. Next, it will walk you through how to put the phone into DFU mode. To do this, dock you iPhone and Turn it off. Then you will need to hold the home button and the power button down for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release just the power button and hold the home button alone for another 10 seconds. PwnageTool will notify you if you have done this correctly.

PwnageTool 8 PwnageTool 9

If you have, then you are done with PwnageTool, exit out of it and head over to iTunes. Once in iTunes, you should see your iPhone detected, but not fully accepted. It will ask you to restore the iPhone. Now, hold down the “Option” key on your Mac and click restore. You should be prompted with a “Choose a File” box. Browse over to your desktop and click on the new custom firmware.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Well, that is it, once your iPhone is restored, you will be good to go. You should see Cydia, the jail-broken app store on your iPhone. Now, just sync your iPhone to iTunes to restore all your data. There are lots of great jail-broken apps available, I will post a list of my favorite Cydia apps very soon, in the mean time, subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss out on future jailbreak posts. I will try my best to answer any questions you all have in the comment section below.

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DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is for learning purposes ONLY. I do NOT recommend you jailbreak your iPhone, it can cause it to be bricked permanently. I take no responsibility for what may occur if you execute the steps in this tutorial with your device.