As everyone knows, there a gazillion iPhone Twitter clients in the App Store, and I have probably used almost all of them. I have been trying to find a solid iPhone Twitter client for sometime. A few that I have tried, are Twitterific, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, Twinkle, … All of these are good, but none of them are GREAT!

I was introduced to the free version Echofon ($0.00 iTunes,) formally known as Twitterfon, a few months ago at a Twitter meetup here in Atlanta. I fell in love with it instantly. The UI is amazing, very clean looking and well organized. Across the bottom is a row of buttons, Friends, Mentions, Messages, Favorites, and Search. At the top is a new tweet button, a refresh button, and the account name. After using the free version for a few days, I decided to purchase Echofon Pro ($4.99 iTunes.)

Echofon features support for multiple accounts, push notifications, integration, and Search/Trend Topics. The push notifications are what really makes Echofon standout. They have included a great set of features that help you to optimize the push notifications you see. Most apps that support push notifications have no settings at all, you just receive what ever notifications they want to send. Echofon allows you to control what notification you want to receive, mentions, and or messages. They also allow you to sleep notifications. I especially like this feature when I am trying to sleep and my iPhone keeps blowing up.

Echofon 1 Echofon 2 Echofon 3 Echofon 4 Echofon 5 Echofon 6 Echofon 7

To sum it all up, Echofon is what I consider the best Twitter client on the iPhone. The developers really listen to the users and add features and do bug fixes on a regular basis. They also just released a desktop client (I will review it soon) that allows you to sync read/unread notifications so you don’t receive push notifications when you have already seen them on your computer.