So of you might have heard from my tweets, or my status updates on various sites, that I recently bought a Macbook Pro. Below is a list of the specs in the model I purchased:

  • 15.4 inch Matte Screen
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB Memory
  • 200GB Hard Drive
  • Double-layer SuperDrive
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 256MB

I purchased it from the Apple Store at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. I originally went into the store expecting to buy a 2.5GHz/250GB/Glossy model, but the lady in the store talked some sense into me! I decided to go for the smaller processor because of the $400.00 difference, I just didn’t see it being justified, and also I was coming for a 1.8GHz windows machine, so I figured 2.4GHz was plenty of an upgrade. I also changed my mind on the Glossy/Matte because of the need for real colors in my designs and photography. I am very surprised at how well I like the Matte, because my old laptop was Glossy.

First Impression

My first impression of this computer is how quick it starts up, shuts down, sleeps, and wakes up! When this machine starts up, you are connected to the net and ready to go in less than 30 seconds! Also, as I said before, I am very impressed at how well the Matte screen looks, colors are crystal clear!

Positive Notes

  • OS X – I was very concerned about how much I would like OS X, I have been a windows guy for 15 years, so I was concerned I might not like the adjustment to the new OS. With that said, I have picked up on it pretty good. OS X is different, but I personally think it is better. The use of the Dock vs. Start Menu took some getting use to, but just a week into it I already prefer it over the start button.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – I am in love with keyboard shortcuts, it makes the overall process of work flow so much smoother when you don’t have to move your had to the mouse all the time. I will admit that the keyboard shortcuts can be a little overwhelming at first, but it all comes together after just a few days of regular use.
  • Hardware – The Macbook Pro is a beautiful computer and it boost a wide range of hardware goodies. The overall design is very nice, the keyboard, speaker, power button and trackpad layout all work great. Probably my favorite hardware feature is how all the ports are on the side of the machine. I hate having to close the lid or turn the computer around just to plug something in. The coolest hardware feature of this laptop is the lighting effects on the keyboard and screen. When the computer detects low light, the keyboard illuminates and the screen dims. I have found myself sitting in bed with the TV typing away with no strain on my eyes from a bright screen or a dim keyboard. Multi-Touch – I originally didn’t see myself using this, but it turns out it is very useful. I use the 2 finger right click and scroll, the rotate, and the control + 2 finger screen zoom a lot!
  • Software – iMovie, is awesome, I have always had an urge to create videos. With just 5 minutes of watching video tutorials on, I was creating full featured video content. Expose & Spaces, I have not used spaces all that much, but I find expose very useful when changing windows.

Negative Notes

I have just a couple things I am not really a fan of yet! I say yet because I am sure I just need to get use to them. First, is the layout of the function, control, option, and command keys. I am very use to using control + C commands from windows, but here is it command, and that button is next to the space bar. I wish the command key was on the far edge of the keyboard where the function key is!

One button mouse, I know you can make it a 2 button mouse with the control key, but I would much rather have a 2 button mouse so it doesn’t take 2 hands to right click. Finally, is how hot this thing gets, 99% of the time, the temperature doesn’t bug me, but sometimes it get a little hot on my lap if I am doing some high resource usage work.

Final Thoughts

I LOVE MY MACBOOK PRO! haha I am very please to admit that I am Mac switcher, and I have zero regrets! I setup and transferred all my stuff from my big desktop computer to the MBP in 2 days, and I have not turned on my desktop since. This very small compact MBP puts my huge desktop computer to shame! Sadly, I still have to use windows at work, but other than that, I am happy to say I wont be returning to windows for personal use anytime soon! I guess the best way to sum it up is to quote the Apple guy from the “Get a Mac” commercials, “Everything just works with a Mac!”


My First iMovie