Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. My weekend consisted of work, fireworks, the lake, and painting.

Friday, I was stuck at work. I had to go in for a few hours by request of my property manager. It turned out to be a good time to catch up on all the work I needed to catch up on. I got done there at around 6pm and went home to relax for a while. From there I then went to the Buckhead area of Atlanta to watch the Lenox Mall fireworks which is one of the the biggest, if not the biggest, fireworks displays in Atlanta. The property I run is very near Lenox Mall, so I had access to an area where most people were not allowed. From there I set up my camera and tripod to see if I can get some good photos of the fireworks. I stuck around and shot some photos of the crowd and the traffic afterwords. I was mainly just trying to work on my evening long exposure shots. I am pretty happy with my results. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening.


On Saturday, I went up to my parents house for a day on the lake. I was not feeling great so I only took a few photos. We had a good turn out and I got a good action shot of Matt (my soon to be brother in law) jumping off the dock.

ATL_JULY_4TH 8 (1)ATL_JULY_4TH 7 (1)ATL_JULY_4TH 6 (1)

Matt Jump 1Matt Jump 2Matt Jump 3Matt Jump 4Matt Jump 5

Sunday was a relax/house work day. I helped my roommate paint the spare bedroom in our house. The painting was fun. With 2 people it goes quick. The paint is a bit to yellow, but it looked OK once it dried. I will be moving into that bedroom soon because it is bigger and has a bathroom. We are going to do some more work on it over the next few weeks before I move in.

Oh and one final note, I leave for my San Francisco and Las Vegas trip in 1 week! I am getting pretty excited. See this post for more info.