Macworld Expo

With the Macworld 2009 keynote just a few hours away, I wanted to give my 2 cents on what we should expect at this event. There are many rumors circulating around the net, some include new devices, software updates, and current product line updates.

  • New Mac Mini – It has been rumored for over a year that a new Mac Mini was coming. Some creditable rumors have surfaced that the Mac Mini is going to be revamped to be a Time Capsule/Apple TV/ Mac Mini Hybrid device. I could see it becoming a Mac/Apple TV device, but I am not sure about the Time Capsule Rumors.
  • All DRM Free iTunes – There are some very strong sources that are confirming that Apple has finally convinced the major music labels to offer DRM free music on iTunes. While I am unsure if it will be all of iTunes, I do believe we will see a lot of iTunes music switching over to DRM free in the coming months. Also associated with this rumor, is that iTunes Mobile on the iPhone will offer music downloads over the air on the iPhone 3G.
  • iPhone Tethering – While it wont be free, I am almost positive that AT&T will offer iPhone to Laptop Tethering for a monthly fee very soon.
  • iWork & iLife 09 – This has been a rumor for only a few days, but Apple this morning made a mistake on its website. If you look at the top downloads section of the download page, you will see iWork 09 listed as a top download. When you click, it takes you to the iWork 08 page.

iWork 09

  • iWork & iLife 09 in the Cloud – It is also rumored that iLife & iWork 09 will be more involved in the cloud style of computing. Ever since Mobile Me came out, people have been wondering what all Apple has planned for this service. I think today we will find out more about this.
  • Apple iPhone Nano & Larger Version – This is very far fetched and I don’t believe it is going to happen.
  • iMac Revamp – Macworld in the past has been heavily associated with the iMac device, so it is possible to see a update to this device. I am going to say 50/50 chance.
  • 17″ Unibody Macbook Pro – I think this will happen. The 17″ Unibody MBP has been rumored since October, and I think Apple would benefit heavily from releasing this device.

Well, that is about it. The Macworld keynote starts in about 2 hours so lets see what we get. You can view live blogs of the event at: