2008 was kind of a big year for me. I started this site, bought a house, bought a new car, got a girlfriend, and got involved in a upcoming project that is unannounced. I wanted to write a formal post about all that has gone on this year, and what I am planning for next year.

2008: Wrap Up

As I said earlier, 2008 was a big year for me. I started the year off pretty strong when I for the first time kept a New Year’s resolution. What was it, well it was to quit smoking. I smoked my last cigarette on New Years Eve, 2008. Quitting cold turkey was hard, but I am very glad I did it.

Nissan Altima

From then I decided it was time for a new car. My 2000 Nissan Maxima was approaching 100k miles and I wanted to sell it before it hit that mile stone. I ended up trading it in for a brand new straight of the truck 2008 Nissan Altima. So far, I love the card, it is a step down from the Maxima, but it get great gas mileage and handles like a race car. Having a car payment sucks, but you got to do what you got to do!

MGM Grand Las Vegas

In the summer of 2008 I took my first trip out west. The trip was originally suppose to be a 2 week romp out to San Francisco and Las Vegas, but the unfortunate passing of my grandmother 2 days before I was suppose to leave cancelled the San Francisco part of the trip. I did still make it to Las Vegas though and was that ever and experience. Between the big wins at the poker and blackjack tables and the massive bar tabs, I can say that Vegas truly was an experience to remember. more…


From there, came the biggest thing I have ever done in my life. I bought a house. That is a big step for anyone, buying there first house. It was a smart decision to purchase at the time I did because of how crappy the economy was. I am still in the process of painting my house and making it my own, but it is almost done.

A couple of other things, in March is when I made the switch from a PC to a MAC, with the purchase of brand new Macbook Pro. In October of 2008, I purchased my second Macbook Pro, the new unibody aluminum model. In October, I also found Megan, my girlfriend, who is amazing. It is not everyday you meet a woman who can appreciate geekdom!

Overall, it is a hell of a year, and I have some big plans to look forward to in 2009.

2009: Outlook

I have some big plans for 2009. They are not personal plans, but more business plans. 2009 is the year I am going to try and transition to more of a technical/web developer life style. I am working on a web project that is unannounced at this point. It is me and 3 others developers working on it. I am hoping to launch in 2 months. I hope that this new project will help me to develop more of an income from my web development side work.

I am trying to be more efficient in my web development style, and am exploring new methods of development as I am approaching this new project as more of a business in a professional aspect. I have no travel plans as of 2009, but I hope to take my San Francisco trip that I missed out on this year.

My 2009 New Year resolution is going to be more fit and lose some weight which I have a jump start on already.

What are ya’lls resolutions?