OS X Leopard is by far the best OS I have ever used. It has been flawless to me with no problems, until now. Apple recently released Mac OS X (10.5.6) update to all Leopard users. Being the Apple fan boy that I am, I ran the upgrade as soon as it showed up on my desktop. Boy was this a mistake! Mac OS X 10.5.6 is riddled with bugs and issues. MacFixIt.com has released a couple of post highlighting the many problems associated with this update. Mac users beware, DO NOT UPGRADE TO 10.5.6 JUST YET!

One particular problem has me very frustrated. When I launch the OS X Mail application, which I use religiously to keep my 15 email account in control, it crashes as the result of an attachment. Yes, doesn’t that sound strange? I can load Mail just fine, but the second I click on an email with an attachment, it freezes up and crashes. It can be a image, a PDF, a doc, … it doesn’t matter, just the loading of the attachment results in a application crash.

There are many suggested fixes available which I will highlight below, many have tried these, and seen positive results, but I have not! It is a real pain in the ass, and I hope Apple steps up quickly and releases a fix for the issues.

Again, there are many issues which include Time Machine, Mail, Airport, Bluetooth, … Please see MacFixIt.com for more information and potential fixes for some for these problems.

Mail Suggested Fixes

  • Reapply the combo update Users should first try downloading and applying the combo update for the 10.5.6 updater. This may fix some problems with various frameworks and other system resources that Mail uses, and is a way to ensure all updated files on the system are refreshed as much as possible without having to reinstall.
  • Delete Mail’s preferences file These problems could be due to a corruption in the Mail preferences file. As such, users should try removing the “com.apple.Mail.plist” file from the /username/Library/Preferences/ folder, and then relaunch Mail.
  • Rebuild Mailboxes Since this problem happens for many when they load messages, launching Mail with the shift key held should allow it to load as this prevents the program from loading messages when the program starts. With the program open, users can select each mailbox and use the rebuild option that’s available in the “Mailbox” menu to hopefully fix this problem.

Excerpt from MacFixIt.com

Did you experience any of these issues? Have you fixed it? How did you do it? Share your knowledge please because this is killing me not having Mail.

UPDATE: I have fixed the issue, please see this post for more information: http://atlchris.com/608/1056-os-x-update-mail-fix/