Geek Brief TV is a very quick and to the point technology/gadget video podcast. I love to watch video podcast, but I find it hard to keep up with a lot of my favorites due to my busy schedule. Geek Brief is one of the two video podcast I make time to watch every week. At an average run time of 3 to 5 minutes, anyone can find time to watch this video podcast.

Geek Brief TV serves up technology news and a couple of new gadgets of the week. Some of the technology goodness includes a flashlight that is actually a drink warmer, an unboxing and slight review of the Aluminum Macbook, and a geek road trip. Yes, I said a road trip. Cali and her crew are currently traveling across the country in a bus, filming at exciting locations and meeting up with some of the big names in the technology world. Currently, Cali is in the middle of a 2 part series “Behind the Scene of the TWiT Cottage with Leo Laporte.”

Besides all the great technology goodness, Geek Brief TV is hosted by the very talented Cali Lewis. On top of being super cute, she is very entergetic, a bit on the goofy side, and very knowledgable. A lot of video podcast these days higher professional actors/models to be the beauty that attacts a geek boys to the show. Well, Cali Lewis has the looks, but what makes her great, is that she is a super geek. She knows technology and can appreciate gadets that are purly awesome on a want only basis.

If you have never seen it, check it out. Youc an find it on iTunes, RSS, and on GeekBrief.TV.