In this guide, I am going to show you step by step, how to upgrade ram in a early 2008 model Macbook Pro. I am upgrading my 2.4GHz/200GB Macbook Pro from 2GB of RAM up to 4GB. Th process is very easy, but you still need to take it slow so you don’t damage your beautiful Macbook Pro.


I would recommend you do this on a table, in a uncarpeted room, doing this on carpet can create static electricity which can fry your whole machines. Also, make sure you shutdown, NOT SLEEP, your Macbook Pro. Finally, disconnect all wires (USB, Firewire, Power,…)

Start by removing the battery, this is done sliding the (2) battery release switches.

You will notice the battery pop up a little once you flip the release switches.

Lift the battery at the same angle that is popped up earlier. NOTE: try to avoid touching the underside of the battery because it is a finger print magnet!


Once the battery is removed, you will see 3 very small screws, located near the battery release switches. Remove these 3 screws. Apple recommends a 00 phillips screw driver, but I just used a eye glass screw driver that can be found at any drug store.

These screws are very small, so be sure not to lose them.

Lift the memory cover off noting that it is held in place by some metal ends on the side opposite the screws, be sure not to bend this cover, it is very thin aluminum and will bend easy.

Now you see them 2 sticks of memory. They come out very easy with no force, so do not tug on them at all!

To remove the old memory sticks, slide the clamps on the left and right side of each stick of memory. In the picture above, the knife is pointing at the clamps.

Once the clamps are open, the memory will pop up at about a 40 degree angle, pull them out at the same angle, bending them up or down could damage the contacts.

Repeat these steps again for the seconds stick of ram which is located under the first. The second stick has a separate set of clamps hold it in place, but they work the same as the first set.

Place the new ram in at the same angle the original ram came out at. Note the notch located on the connector, make sure you line up the notch on the stick of memory with the notch on the connector. Make sure it slides into the connector so you can just barely see the gold contacts. This might take a little force, but don’t push to hard. Once you slide it in, push it completely down until the clamps snap into place. Repeat this step again for the 2nd stick of memory.

Once you have both in place, replace the memory cover lining up the screw holes. Screw all 3 screws back in, and insert the battery back lining up the side opposite the release switches first.

That is it, you are all done, you should be able to boot the machine as normal.

I used a Kingston 4GB kit from New Egg, it was only $94.99 shipped! I am happy with the performance boost, especially when using multiple apps, or browsing the Firefox with 10 plus tabs open.


This article is ment as a non professional guide. I am not garanteeing you will not damage ou Macbook Pro. This is ment as a guide only, I recommend you get an Apple professional Technician to install you memory upgrade. I am not to be held responsible for any damage you might cause to you Macbook Pro.