In this guide, I am going to show you step by step, how to upgrade to a 4GB RAM kit on a late 2008 model (Uni body Aluminum) Macbook Pro. I am upgrading my 2.4GHz/250GB Macbook Pro from 2GB of RAM up to 4GB. Th process is very easy, but you still need to take it slow so you don’t damage your beautiful Macbook Pro. I believe this same method will work on the new uni body Macbook too, but I have not confirmed this.


I would recommend you do this on a table, in a uncarpeted room, doing this on carpet can create static electricity which can fry your whole machines. Also, make sure you shutdown, NOT SLEEP, your Macbook Pro. Finally, disconnect all wires (USB, Firewire, Power,…)

Start by flipping you Macbook Pro over. Be sure to put something under it so you don’t scratch it. I would use some sort of anti static cloth. I am using my neoprene case.

To open the Macbook Pro, flip up the small lever. This will cause the smaller of the 2 plates to raise gently. ** BEAWARE THAT IF YOU HAVE A LOCK ON YOUR COMPUTER THIS LEVER WILL NOT FLIP UP **

When the lever is at a 90% angle the cover should come off very easy. This will reveal the battery (right) and the hard drive (left.)

Apple actually includes some very basic directions on how to access the memory and remove the hard drive on the back of the battery cover. This is new, and pretty handy. I am glad to see Apple is opening up to the concept of laptop customization.

Remove the battery by lifting the clear plastic tab that is attached to it.


The memory chips are located under neath the larger cover so we will have to unscrew this cover to access it. There are (4) screws located on the underside of the laptop. The left most screw is a small screw, while the 3 right screws are much long. Make sure you remember which screws go where.

There are also (4) more screws under the cover we already removed.

Using a 1/16th phillips head screw driver. (A screw driver this small can be hard to come by. I bought this one at Lowe’s for $5.00 and it includes multiple size phillips and flat head attachments. I would start by loosening all the screws at once before you actually remove them.

In order to remember which screws go where, I will line them up off to the side in the same pattern as they were removed from the laptop.

Once all the screws are removed, lift the aluminum cover slowely, it might have some sticky glue like material around the edges so don’t pull to hard or you might bend it.

The memory sticks are located right in the center of the laptop. It might look like there is just one because they are stacked on top of each other.

On both the left and right side, you will see a plastic clip that looks like a ball. This is what is holding the memory in place.

Bend both of these clips out (away from the memory chip and the first RAM stick should pop up at about a 40% angle like the picture above. It is important to mentally make note of this angle because you will have to insert the new chip at the same angle. Pull the memory towards where the battery was removed from. **TOUCHING ONLY THE EDGES OF THE RAM STICK** Don’t bend the chip!

Once you have done that the second stick of memory will be revealed.  Remove this one the same way by bending the ball like clips out (away from the chip) on both sides.

The chip should pop up at the same angle as the first. Remove the chip the same way you did the first, but be careful, this second chip is much harder to get a hold of. Remember to only touch the edges of the chip.

Once you have removed both sticks of RAM, open up your new 4GB kit. I purchased a Crucial branded 4GB kit from NewEgg for just about $130.00 shipped.

Place the new RAM in at the same angle the original RAM came out. Note the notch located on the connector, make sure you line up the notch on the stick of memory with the notch on the connector. Make sure it slides into the connector so you can just barely see the gold contacts. This might take a little force, but don’t push to hard. Once you slide it in, push it completely down until the clamps snap into place. Repeat this step again for the 2nd stick of memory.

Once both sticks are locked in to place, it is time to start putting the computer back together.

Start with the larger of the lids. Line it up very carfully with the edges. Screw all (8) screws in about halfway. You want to make sure you all (8) screws are in before you tighten any of them down, this will help to pull the lid down just perfectly. When you are ready to tighten them start with the screws in the (4) corners.

Once you have replaced all the screws, put the battery back. Now that is done it is time to replace the small lid. Start by lining up the bottom of the lid (rounded corners side.) This side needs to go in first. When closing the lid, lower it slowely and close the lever as you push the cover down.

That is it, flip her (or him) over and power her up. The boot up Apple logo might show for a few seconds longer, this is expected because the computer has to analyze the new memory before it boots.

Once you have booted up the laptop click the Apple logo in the upper left corner and open “About this Mac.” If that says Memory 4GB, you are good to go.

I also have a guide on how to upgrade the memory on the old style Macbook Pro laptops.


This article is ment as a nonprofessional guide. I am not garanteeing you will not damage your Macbook Pro. This is ment as a guide only, I recommend you get an Apple professional technician to install you memory upgrade. I am not to be held responsible for any damage you might cause to you Macbook Pro.