I just purchased a brand new Fall 2008 Macbook Pro. This is the newly redesigned model released yesterday at October 14th, 2008. I have attached high res images of the unboxing and the computer itself.

The Unboxing

Fall 2008 Macbook Pro vs. Early 2008 Macbook Pro

First Impressions

My first impressions are, that this thing is sexy looking. I love the two-tone black and silver. It weights a little bit more then the past models, but this is not to noticable. The new trackpad has some what of a learning curv, but you can get use to it very quick.

The new battery indicator on the side is very nice. The new black chicklet keyboard is very nice. The keys are much more spread out which is nice. Also, one thing I really like is that they moved the ambient light sensor up to where the iSight is which is great because you don’t accidently cover it when typing.

I will write a full review after a week or 2 of experimenting. I have more photos on my Flickr Page.