I have received a couple of emails from my readers asking my thoughts on what to expect this Tuesday at the confirmed Apple Macbook event. Many rumors have been talked about in the months leading up to now, so I want to lay everything out as to what is fact, and what is rumored. I will also chime in with my 2 cents on everything.

The Facts

  • There is an Apple event on Tuesday, October 14 and there are going multiple sites live blogging from the event. (MacRumors, AppleInsider, Gizmodo, and Engadget)
  • With the Macbook 36 days over its average product life cycle, the Macbook Pro 34 days over its average product life cycle, and the invitation issued hinting at an aluminum Macbook, you can expect to see complete and major redesigns to the current models.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Apple told retailers not to overstock current Macbooks, and iPods. This was just prior to the “Let’s Rock” event where Apple released updates across the iPod line.
  • Back in August, Apple told investors to prepare for a “Product Transition” in the Fall. Many people were disappointed at Apple after the “Let’s Rock” event because they didn’t deliver a “Product Transition” as promised, so it a given that this event is the one they were hinting at back in August.

The Rumors

  • Many believe that the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros will take on the same basic design aspects of the recently released Macbook Air. This includes a slimmer design, a tapered edge to give the appearance of a even slimmer design, as well as a new black chicklet style keyboard. (source)
  • It is also rumored that the new all aluminum case design of the Macbook and the Macbook Pros will be created out of a solid piece of aluminum resulting in a 1 piece case design. This new manufacturing process has been nicknamed “the brick.” (source)
  • In a recent live taping of Diggnation in London, Kevin Rose, who recently nailed the predictions about Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event, rumored that the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros will feature Blu  Ray drives. I would hope Macbooks would be able to play Blu Ray, but the Pros would be able to record to Blu Ray disc’s. (source)
  • With Blu Ray rumored to be featured in these new laptops,  that would mean the new Laptop’s will feature High Definition screens across the line. It is also safe to say that Apple will swtich over the Macbooks to LED backlighting in an attempt to create greener products. (source)
  • One rumor that was talked about a while ago, is that Apple is working on a HD iSight camera. I would love to see this. I don’t need it to be HD, but a higher res camera would be a very welcome addition. (source)
  • Price drop’s will occur across the line with the most significant being a sub $1000 version of the Macbook. (source) (source)

Rumored Photo Leaks

I will run out and buy a new Macbook Pro if I can get a model with a new slimmer design, a Blu Ray drive (readable or not,) HD screen, and a cheaper price tag. Again, most of this is just rumors. Check back on Tuesday for updates. I will be blogging through out the day about the new releases.

Update October 13th, 2008

Some new photos have been leaked, so I wanted to make sure I include these in this post. These new photos are higer res, and identify the posts on the side.

These new photos add to the rumor mill that Apple might be doing away with the Firewire 400 on all models, and Firewire completely on the lower end Macbook.