Photo Taken By Thomas Hawk

San Francisco and Las Vegas, here I come. I have booked my summer vacation. I will be arriving at SFO on Monday, July 14th. I am so incredibly excited to go to San Francisco, I have never been out west, so this is a big deal for me. I am staying in the Fisherman’s Warf area of town. I look forward to taking some great photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. I am also very excited to visit Alcatraz Island, which has been a interest of mine from when I was a little kid.

Photo Taken By Bob Townsend

I stay in San Francisco for 3 days, then I am taking a Virgin America jumper flight out to Las Vegas where I am meeting 6 other friends of mine for a Bachelor Party Vegas Style. I am not sure what I will get to see because this is most likely going to be a drunkfest. I am hoping to check out the different theme hotels, some of the lavish nightclubs, and of course a strip club, I mean come on it is a Bachelor Party!

I have some friends in San Francisco, so I am hoping I will get to visit some web 2.0 offices, but I don’t have any specific plans yet. If you live in SF and want to meet up with me, leave me a comment. I will be alone in SF so I would like to meet up with some of my West Coast friends. Have any suggestions of stuff I should see on my trip, please let me know. I only have 3 days in each city so I will be trying to fit a much in as I can.

Any comments, tips, recommendations, … would be very much appreciated.