I just ordered a new external hard drive from an online store. My order shipped out with a UPS tracking number. When I received the email with the tracking number I went straight to UPS.com to see what the expected delivery date was. The item shipped on Thursday and was expected to arrive Monday. This was what I was expecting as a decent shipping time. Well, Friday afternoon I decided to check it again, and to my surprise, it was already at my UPS sorting center (DORAVILLE, GA) here in Atlanta, GA. I was thinking great, if it is there Friday, I will be out for delivery on Saturday, a few days earlier then expected.

Well, Saturday came, and no package so I decided to check the tracking again. What is this, it was sent to another sorting facility (ATLANTA, GA). This surprised me because most of my packages are delivered out of the Doraville sorting center which is closer to my house then the Atlanta one. I thought this was strange, but I was not to worried, I figured it would be delivered out of the Atlanta facility, no big deal.

I know UPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays, so I was like “oh well, it will be here Monday as schedules.” Well, I checked the tracking on Sunday when I was bored, and “WHAT THE F**K???” the package was shipped back to the sorting facility it had already been to (DORAVILLE, GA).

Was UPS delaying my shipment because I didn’t pay extra for the 2 day shipping? It took exactly 24 hours for my package to go from Illinois to Doraville, GA, but it took 4 days for my package to make it from Doraville, GA to my house in Atlanta, GA which is only 10 miles away? That is really strange!

I am guessing UPS is just to quick for themselves, so they intentionally delay packages that arrive early, to convinse people to purchase the quicker shipping next time they use UPS.

Has anyone ever had this happen?