In an attempt to better establish myself as a professional blogger and web developer and not just another kid attempting to get rich quick online, I decided to design some business cards for myself. In a few weeks I will be attending the Webmaster Jam Session 2008, so I wanted to make sure I had something in print that I can use for networking at the event.

So, I did some research on the subject and came across a post on my friend Paul Stamatiou‘s blog, and took his advice. I looked into a few options of where to have the cards printed. The 2 places I narrowed it down to was and After looking at the 2 different sites in detail, I decided to go with Overnight Prints because it was cheaper, and provided quicker turn around.

I used a template I found floating around the net as the template for my design. When having something printed off site, it is important that you follow a template to make sure your design bleeds well, and your logo or content don’t get cut off.

Overnight Prints PSD

I uploaded the design as a high quality JPG to the Overnight Prints website, picked my glossy or matte finsh, approved my final design, and submitted my order. The next day I recieved a email from quality control at Overnight Prints saying that there was a misprint found in my design. What had happend is the image didn’t upload correctly and it resulted in one sides of my card was printing blank. They quickly haulted the printing, and notified me. At that time, I reuploaded my design and the continued witht he printing at no additional charge to me.

I am very happy with the prints, but I opted for a glossy front and matte black, after seeing the glossy finish in person, I am thinking my next order I will get matte on both sides. The glossy was to shiny, and showed finger prints.

What are your thoughts? Do you like my design? Do you have your own self designed business cards?