Hot off the press, Apple C.E.O. Steve Jobs just announced a new function in iTunes 8. This function called Genius is essentially Pandora. Based on rating, number of plays, and style of music, iTunes 8 will make other recommendation of artist and songs it thinks you will like. The Genius function will also analyze your library and create playlist based on the artist. Like Pandora, this will auto create playlist of music that sounds alike. I think it is a functionality that is well over due to iTunes which is now the largest distributor of music in the US.

This service seems like a compelete rip of the famous service my Pandora Music. Most people are saying that this is a welcome addition to iTunes because Pandora is doomed to shutdown soon. describles the new Genius service as:

Genius Playlists

Meet Genius: a brilliant way to create perfect playlists. Play a song, click the Genius button, and iTunes creates a playlist of other songs from your library that go great together. Genius playlists help you discover songs in your library you never knew you had — and rediscover forgotten favorites.

Genius Sidebar

While you reacquaint yourself with the music you already own, let Genius introduce you to new music you’ll love. As you select songs in your library, the Genius sidebar displays songs from the iTunes Store that go great with it. The Genius sidebar won’t recommend songs already in your library, and you can preview and buy recommended songs directly from the sidebar.

What do you think? Is Pandora doomed because of this announcement and its recent issues with the licensing fee’s associated with the free service? Do you think it is a good addition to iTunes, or do you think it is just wasted space?