So I have received a couple of emails and comments from people asking what apps I have actually purchased for my Macbook Pro and my iPhone, so I decided to write a post letting everyone know what apps I think are just so totally awesome that I have actually spent money on them.

I will start with my Macbook Pro. I have had my MBP for a while now, so I have really had the chance to explore a lot of the apps that are made for OS X. I was a windows man up until I purchased this machine so I had ZERO Mac OS X apps in my collection.

Adobe Photoshop CS2

I lucked out with this program. As many of you know, Photoshop runs for about $650 at most locations. Well I was able to snag a CS2 version (slightly outdated, currently on CS3) on Craigslist for just $100.00. That is a heck of a deal! I use Photoshop regularly so it was my very first purchase after I got my new MBP.

Price Paid: $100.00


Awaken from EmbraceWare is a must have for any Mac owner. It turns your Mac into an alarm clock or sleep timer. I wont go into to much detail because I have a full post dedicated to this program: see full review

Price Paid: $12.95

Aperture 2.0

Aperture is a photo editing program. Unlike photoshop, this program is very good when editing a large number of photos. It is more photo editing then graphics design like Photoshop is. I tried Adobe Lightroom but didn’t like the UI as much as Aperture 2.0. Any photo you see on my flickr or website that I have taken has passed through Aperture, for organizing, editing, and exporting. One day I will get around to posting a stand alone review about the many feature built into Aperture 2.0.

Price Paid: $149.95

App Delete

App Delete is a simple program that does nothing more then completely erase all traces of an application on your computer. It is free, but a $5.00 donation is recommended. The program is great, and I have been using it a lot as I download, try, and remove different applications.

Price Paid: $5.00


I was unsure about 1Password when I first played with the trial, but after the trial ended, I found myself completely addicted to the program. Pair it with the 1Password app on the iPhone and you have a solid process for remembering randomly generated passwords.

Price Paid: $34.95


Coda by Panic software is a project management/text edit program for web development projects which I do a good bit of. I tried out Coda based on reviews I had read in forums. It was one of the many programs of its kind I was trying out. Having a good web development software package is vital to me and my business so it was important for me to try many and pick my favorite. Well, Coda was the winner. It is my favorite of the text edit/project manage/ftp upload clients I tried. I very much recommend this program to any web developer that codes by hand.

Price Paid: $69.95 (Purchased with Transmit 3 *see below*)

Transmit 3

While Coda is the program I do 90% of my FTPing through, I also purchased Transmit 3 from Panic software for those few times when I need a full featured FTP program. Coda is great for uploading as you develop, but when it comes to moving large groups of files and folders or doing CDMOD on a folder, you need a full featured FTP application, and Transmit 3 is the best of the 5 different ones I tried out.

Price Paid: $29.95

Well, that is it for Mac OS X applications I have paid for. I am very happy with all of the above, but I recommend you try them before you buy them to make sure they do what you need. I am now going to go into the few iPhone apps I have paid for.


iTrial is an iPhone 3G app that uses the GPS to track your location. It is made for use on trails when hiking, biking, or off roading in a vehicle. I purchased it for when I mountain bike. It tracks your location, speed, and elevation. My favorite feature of iTrail is its ability to export to Google Maps which is a great feature.

Price Paid: $2.99
iTunes Link: iTrail

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

This is an iPhone game along the lines of old school Mario Cart. It uses the iPhones accelerometer to control the cart. It is a bit expensive, but is so much fun. Crash Kart is by far the played game on my iPhone. Some worry that it will get repetitive, but it doesn’t at all, you unlock new stuff all the time.

Price Paid: $9.99
iTunes Link: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

Well, this is it, I have only paid for 2 iPhone apps, because most of the paid apps have free versions, and I don’t mid limits or a few ads here and there so I stick to them. I will say that once Apple comes out with the turn-by-turn GPS program I will gladly purchase that.

I hope this helped you decide on what to buy. Please chime in with what applications you have pruchased for your Mac or iPhone.