So, what is GrabUp? GrabUp is screen capture product from a London, England based software developer. GrabUp is a screen capture program unlike any other screen capture program out there. It that makes taking quick screen shots a snap. Prior to getting GrabUp, to take a screen capture, I would:

Command+Shift+4 > Open up my FTP program > Connect to my FTP server > Browse to the folder I want to upload it in > Upload it > Open FireFox > Browse to the image > Copy the link > Paste it in an email, IM, or else where.

Well, with GrabUp I:

Command+Shift+4 > Command+V to paste the link to the screen capture.

Yes, that is it. GrabUp takes 90% of the work out of posting a screen capture. All you have to do is setup GrabUp to run in the background, load in your FTP info (optional,) and let it run in the background. Now when you take a screen  capture, you just take the capture, and GrabUp will automatically upload the image, and copy the URL to you clipboard.

It is that easy!

GrabUp has a few settings that you can customize; start at login, show in menu bar, delete images after upload, and ftp upload. I use all 4 of these option in my GrabUp! “Show in Menu Bar” is useful because it provides quick links to your most recent screen caps. “Delete Images After Upload” is nice so that your desktop does not get taken over by the screen captures you have already uploaded. Also, I choose to use the FTP settings which is only available in the Pro version. This allows you to setup your own server as the destination for the screen captures. This is completely optional, if you choose the free version or do not have a FTP version, the program will upload the images to the GrabUp site, just like any other photo sharing website.

I would highly recommend you check out this program, the free version is great too. I think most people will be very surprised at how quick the whole process becomes.

On one final note, I want to add that has a great site behind it. Besides being visually stunning, the site provides links to Get Satisfaction, Twitter, Facebook, and the GrabUp Blog which are all great resources that will allow you to get help in a very timely manner if you need it. Also, check out the statistics page which is pretty entertaining to read. It provides different statistics on how much time GrabUp has saved people in a comedic manner.

Bottom line, I am giving this program my first ever 5 out of 5 rating. It serves a small purpose, but does it very well. Check it out!!

Price: FREE/$20.00
Mac Only
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Official Site:


Yes, it is true, I am going to buy a professional license to GrabUp for one two of my readers. All you have to do is post a comment! That is it, on Wednesday, 8/13/2008  at 12:00PM EST I will randomly select one two of the comments from below and give them a PRO LICENSE completely FREE! Oh, you can comment all you want, but only one comment per person will be accepted as part of the giveaway!

UPDATE: Jon the just offerend me an additional pro license to give away to my readers. I will now select two people to recieve the free pro licenses to GrabUp v2.0.

UPDATE: GrabUp was purchased by rouge company and is now infected with SPAM. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PRODUCT.