About 2 weeks ago I purchased a brand new Macbook Pro. I am totally new to OS X so I am discovering all kinds of new goodies. One of which is called MediaLink by NullRiver Inc. MediaLink bridges the gap between the PlayStation 3 and Apple’s OS X.

The PlayStation 3 doubles as a media server, with Windows this is done very easily using Window’s Media Player, but with Mac, this is a problem. MediaLink turns your Mac into a media server that your PS3 can see. It is very easy to setup, and runs hidden in the background.

One of the greatest functions of it is how well it organizes your files, if you want to watch a episode of Diggnation a video podcast you have in iTunes, then you just select iTunes > Podcast > Diggnation just like in iTunes, it even provides a Quick Look like preview!

MediaLink is available for $20.00 from NullRiver.com. A trial is available but it is limited to 30 minutes of continuous use. I downloaded the trial and ended up purchasing the product with in 20 minutes! It works great, it might even work better then Windows Media Player did!

The only negative I have found is that sometimes the PlayStation 3 has a issue seeing the MediaLink server. This is solved in 2 seconds by opening the MediaLink preferance panel, and stopping the server then restarting it!