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So, what is Tapiture? Well, Tapiture is Pinterest clone that is more geared towards men, and the things men like. I have been a huge fan of it since it was in beta a few months ago. New in January 2013, Tapiture launched a whole new branding and design initiative to take the site to the new level. They also announce that they now have over 1.2 million unique vistors each month and it is growing at an alarming rate.

Tapiture offers a bookmarklet that allows you to “Tap” multiple images on a page. While this bookmarklet is good, I found it difficult to “Tap” a single image on a page with main images. After realizing this was a problem I could fix very easily on my own, I decided to take a shot at making a Google Chrome Tapiture extension. This was my first attempt at a Google Chrome extension, but I very pleased with how it turned out. The Tapiture extension allows the bookmarklet to live in the info bar instead of the bookmark bar. Best of all, it adds the ability to right-click an image and tap that single image.

Download link and screenshots available after the jump.

Tapiture - Available in the Chrome Web Store

Below are a couple of screenshots that show how the extension works:
Tapiture - Google Chrome ExtensionTapiture - Google Chrome Extension

I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any feature requests for bugs to report.