OK, just wanted to make a quick post about a little theory I have regarding Apple and the unannounced Aug/Sept event. This has nothing todo with iPod, I mean I am sure they will introduce new iPod Touches, but that is a given. My Theory is regarding the iTV. A lot of people have been speculating that Apple is going to refresh the Apple TV. There are also rumors going around about a new mystery iLife application.

My theory is that the new mystery iLife application is going to be iTV. They just released a Mac Mini with HDMI out, they have an iMac large enough to use as a TV, and they have a new input device, the Magic Trackpad. I think they are going to scrap Apple TV as a hardware device and introduce a new couch/remote friendly application called iTV to the iLife suite. Yes, I know they already have Front Row, but seriously, who uses that, it is total crap.

I personally am all for this, I currently have a Mac Mini hooked up to my 50″ Plasma and am currently running Plex, a great Media Center application. Apple has hinted that streaming movies would hit the cloud before streaming music, so could the new mystery data center and the mystery iLife application be connected to allow us to download and stream TV Shows and Movies in a whole new way?

What are your thoughts? Would you use this?