Well, as promised Apple has activated the iPhone 4 FREE case program. If you already purchased a bumper from Apple, you will automatically get your refund. Emails concerning this have already been floating around.

How about those that didn’t buy a bump? It looks like Apple is going to be handling this through an iPhone app. The application you have to download is called “iPhone 4 Case Program” and it is currently available in the app store. Pretty much, you just open the app, login with your iTunes credentials, then you are presented with a list of cases. Pick which one you want, and vola, it will show up in the mail soon.

iPhone 4 Case Program Details

UPDATE 1: The iPhone application currently lists all cases as “Ships 3-5 weeks”.

UPDATE 2: In app pictures below:

UPDATE 3: I ordered the InCase Snap (Smoke) case. It seemed like a pretty solid pick out of the group. I was impressed though with the selection they had. I will do a full review on the case when it is received.

Stay tuned, I will post further details about shipping times and the overall ordering process.