This morning Steve took the stage at the annual World Wide Developers Conference. I know a gazillion tech blogs have already over covered today’s announcements, but I wanted to chime in and give my two cents on some of the new ones. For you who are looking for more detailed coverage of todays news, browse on over to Engadget, Mashable, and ArsTechnica.

  • iPhone 4—New Design, Longer Battery Life, 5MP Camera (back), VGA Camera (forward), Retina Display, Apple A4 Processor, and a Gyroscope. I must say, I am pretty stoked about what the new iPhone has to offer. The new design is beautiful, the 5MP Camera is capable of shooting HD 720 Video, which is a huge plus for me. My Flip camera broke since about 6 months and I have been missing having a camera for a long time. Being able to whip out a 720p capable camera at anytime is going to be amazing. Know, I know it wont be true 720p, but it will still be better than nothing! The Retina Display looks absolutely stunning, I am hoping a lot of the applications will update their graphics to look stunning at the new resolution.

  • iOS—The details of iOS have been known for sometime. I am stoked about iOS for 4 main reasons. First, multi-tasking. While it is not true multi-tasking, I think it will be an OK solution. While I wish it was full multi-tasking, I think Apple’s points about battery life and speed are legit concerns. Second, folders. I wont use folders all that much, but one area I do look forward to using it is in the static bar. I plan to use folders to have additional icons in the static bar (i.e. messages: SMS, Email, Twitter | Calling: phone, FaceTime, Skype). Three, background image. One of my big gripes with the iPhone 3G I have had for 2 years now, has been the boring visual design. From what I have seen in the screenshots, adding a background image has really changed the visual style of the iOS. The final reason, is the unified inbox. I have over 9 email addresses and it is a pain in the butt to stay on top of them all when I have about 4 button presses every time I want to look at a email on another account.

  • FaceTime—For those that don’t know, FaceTime is going to be a new application that will allow iPhone 4 users to video chat with other iPhone 4 users over WiFi. OK, that is great. I am a little disappointed it is only over WiFi, but I understand that might not be in Apple’s control. Plus with the new AT&T limitations, not having it over 3G might be a good thing for those crazy overages. What I am really excited about is not the FaceTime app, but the fact that the front-facing camera is going to be open for other applications, e.g. Skype! My girl friend and I talk over Skype all the time, and it will be nice to not have to whip out my laptop every time I want to talk to her. I am really excited to see how this will be used by other applications. Also, you know the 10k fart applications that have been released in the App Store? I call it now, expect a huge swarm of “Mirror” Applications!!!

  • iAds—Yes, I am excited for this! Why? Well, the reason most developers don’t give away their applications, is because they want some revenue for their widely used apps. Now that they can just flip a switch and get iAds, I think we will see a large amount of applications go free soon that are $0.99 now . I know a lot of people are not liking the idea of having ads widely used on the iPhone, but I think having quality Apple approved ads is much better than some of the crap that shows in current ads. I also see this new form of revenue as a chance for new developers to shine. I think we will see some pretty amazing apps being developed that will go for free in the App Store with iAd support.

Those are just a few of the new features I am most excited about. Now, some general notes about the upcoming iPhone 4. First off, it surprised me that they didn’t go any further into the new gaming network that is suppose to be included in in the new iOS. Has this been pushed back? Can someone with the developer preview tell me if it is there? I thought this would be huge, but Apple has not said much about it. Also, all you whiners crying about no Verizon iPhone, SHUT THE HELL UP! AT&T works great for me. If the iPhone goes to Verizon, the Verizon network will cripple, just like the AT&T network did, once all these heavy data users move over there. Also, do you all understand that Verizon is a CDMA network which means you can’t access data and cell network at the same time? So that means no browsing while on the phone! I love Verizon and I have demo’d a lot of devices for them, but their network is not perfect either, in fact, no network is perfect—any network you go to is going to have low signal areas and dropped calls. Stop complaining about it!

One final thing I want to discuss, is the lack of a 64GB version??? I am looking to shoot a decent bit of video with this device, and I am a little worried that an iPhone with all my music on it wont allow for much room to record video. I was really hoping to see a 64GB version when they said HD video.

A few days ago, in my HTC Incredible review, I said I would be switching to Android if Apple didn’t come up with some good stuff at the WWDC keynote. Well, Apple showed off a pretty awesome product, and I can tell you all now that I will be sticking with the iPhone. Android is coming up strong, but they are not surpassing Apple just yet. If the quality of Android apps improve, and AT&T picks up some better Android devices, I might consider Android in the future, but right now, the iPhone still claims my heart. I will pre-order my 32GB iPhone 4 (black) on June 15th, when pre-orders start, and I will choose to pick it up at the store if they allow that option when pre-ordering. As for the price and date, if you don’t already know it, iOS comes out June 21st and iPhone 4 comes on June 24th (pre-orders start on June 15th). The 16GB version will be $199.00 w/ 2 year contract and the 32GB will be $299.00 w/ 2 year contract.

What are your thoughts on iPhone 4, iOS, or any of the other new Apple news? What tops your excited list? Are you going to get one? Will you wait in line and get it right away, or will you wait for the storm to pass and pick it up once AT&T allows you to upgrade?

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