A few weeks ago, I discovered a site called Wordy.com. Wordy is a service based out of the UK that allows its users to connect with professional copy-editors to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure in the users writing. The service is super simple to use, offers very competitive pricing, and has a large group of highly trained and professional copy-editors. Just a note on how friendly the people are, with in 24 hours of reporting a bug I found on the site, I had an email from the founder of the site offering me a free submission for assisting with the bug.

How it Works

How it works, is the user signs up for the site, and either attaches a common format document, or does a copy/paste right into to the site itself. Once they add text to the site, they are presented with 3 options: the option to choose either UK-English or US-English as the language; a type of text category; Notes to Editor. After filling in these sections of submission, they will confirm the order, and will be presented with a screen that keeps them up-to-date on the status of the submission, as well as a projected time till the review is complete. Once the review is complete, the user will be able to view the revisions, and either accept them or reject them. If they are rejected, you can add notes on why, and the editor will take another look at them. Here is a quick video that shows you how easy it is to submit content and review the revisions:


At the time I am writing this post, I will have used Wordy a total of 7 times, ranging from a quick paragraph of website copy to a long winded 1000+ word blog post. Right up front, I will say, that I am loving this service for a few of reasons. First, is how easy it is to submit new content for review. You literally submit your text, answer a few basic questions, and click “confirm.” With in a few minutes, you have a professionally edited version of your submission, with details on the revisions. Second, is the review times, as I said in the last sentence, most submission are returned fully edited with in a few minutes. As of right now, a 400 word submission will be returned in approximately 33 minutes. It is hard to find a service these days that doesn’t require at least a 24 hour period for something to be reviewed.

The third reasons I am loving Wordy, is the pricing. Pricing is based on the total word count of the submission, but is very competitively priced. Prices are given in British pounds, but even with the conversion rate, things seem to be very competitively priced. My large blog post on the HP Mini 311 Netbook was run though Wordy, and it only cost me € 15.09 (just about $20.00 USD.) The final reason I am loving Wordy, is the quality of the editors. I have submitted profession text that I found on some major websites to Wordy to test the quality of the reviewers, and I was very pleased. One editor found some ways to improve a Wall Street Journal news article. I also find the copy-editors to be very friendly and they will work with you through multiple revisions.

The WordPress Plugin

Just recently, Wordy announced the new Wordy WordPress plugin, that will allow you to get instant quotes and submit blog posts to Wordy.com from directly inside your WordPress Blogs wp-admin panel. You can even require all the people who post on your blog to use Wordy via the plugin. Below is a video about the Wordy WordPress Plugin:

Final Thoughts

Why do I like Wordy? Well, as you can probably tell from reading this blog, I am not a professional writer. I blog because I enjoy it. With that being said, I would still like my posts to be free of grammar, punctuation, and structure errors. From emails, to website copy, to blog posts, and company newsletters, everyone who writes content that will be read by others should use Wordy. It will help you gain respect from yours readers, and will allow you to project professionalism through your writing. My final verdict, USE IT!