For those of you that follow me on Twitter, @ATLChris, you are probably aware, that I have started producing premium WordPress themes. Premium themes are themes that offer advanced features like custom front pages, theme options panels in the WordPress admin panel, advanced featured articles sections, and other goodies.

Well, today, I am proud to announce that my first theme, Simply (Colorful), is now available for purchase through for just $20.00! This is the first of many themes that I will be producing and selling through


  • Custom admin options panel.
  • Unlimited color combination’s; fully customizable via the theme’s options panel.
  • Support for the post thumbnail functionality built into WordPress 2.9 for all site thumbnails.
  • Customizable contact and archives pages all done from options panel.
  • jQuery powered featured section and jQuery powered pre & code field expansion.
  • RSS reminder to help you increase your subscriber count.
  • Search engine optimized design and code to help you increase search engine rankings.



Simply (Colorful) can be purchased at for only $20.00.