Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2 ($2.99 iTunes) is probably the most popular of all iPhone Twitter clients, and it deserves that title. Tweetie 2 is the second version of the super popular Tweetie iPhone client. They had to release under the name of Tweetie 2 for some App Store reasons that I will go into a little bit later.

The Good

At first look, Tweetie 2 is super sexy. The developers over at atebits software, take pride in the UI’s they create. Everything, from the unread notification, to the icon designs, and the button layouts, just screams “sexy yet functional.” While the UI is sexy, what really sets this Twitter client apart from others, is the user experience. The functionality and layout of the application is great. One of my favorite UI components of Tweetie 2 is the integration with Twitpic to allow you to view a thumbnail of the picture right in the tweet. This is great just because I don’t have to tap/wait a second time just for the picture.

The second component of the UI that Tweetie 2 really beats out the competition with, is the user profile layout. The way they have it layed out when you view a individuals profile is great, you can view the timeline, mentions, get general stats on the user, and do it all in Tweetie 2 super sexy way. I also like how I can view my own profile and it appears as any other profile. In the past, Twitter clients have decided to design a separate layout when you are viewing your own profile. This normally results in loss of functionality like retweeting your own tweets, but not with Tweetie 2. The final UI component I want to rave about is the slide to refresh. I absolutely love this feature. Instead of taking up screen real estate with a refresh button, Tweetie 2 implemented a slide to reload, which allows you to slide any tweet list down past the most recent tweet, and it will refresh the list. It is small things like this that really make Tweetie 2 a phinominal Twitter iPhone client.

Just a couple of other things I love, but I wont go into detail are the nearby by. This allows you to view nearby tweets on a google map. I also love the hold down the icon to mark a list read. You can do this by pushing and holding on the timeline, mentions, or direct messages tab.

Tweetie 2 - Swipe Edit Tweetie 2 - Tweet Tweetie 2 - My Timeline Tweetie 2 - Search Tweetie 2 - TwitPic Preview Tweetie 2 - Nearby Tweetie 2 - Mark All Read

The Bad

While I am raving about Tweetie 2, I do have 2 major gripes with it. First off, the lack of push notifications. One of my favorite functions of Echofon Pro ($4.99 iTunes,) which I recently reviewed, is the use of push notifications when you receive a mention of a DM. This is what push notifications were designed for, but for some reason, Twitter client developers have been slow to adopt it, Echofon Pro is the exception of course.

The second gripe I have with Tweetie 2, is the lack of updates verses a full new version of the app. When Tweetie 2 was released, it was released as a new application, not an upgrade to Tweetie. The reason for this, is that atebits wanted to charge a small upgrade fee, for their 2.0 version, but Apple doesn’t allow this at this time, so they released it as a full new app. Why this bugs me, is that I already paid for Tweetie, I would be willing to pay a $.99 upgrade fee, but not purchase the entire app again, which is what everyone had to do in order to get Tweetie 2. It appears Apple has plans to add in-app charges for upgrades, but at the time of Tweetie 2 release, this was not released yet. Hopefully, Tweetie will allow upgrade pricing in the future, and not full new versions of the application.


Overall, I am very please with Tweetie 2, it features a wide range of small but significant UI components and design aspects, that really make it stand apart from other iPhone Twitter clients. Will I now be using it as my main Twitter client on my iPhone? The answer is yes. Will I stop using Echofon Pro? No, I am going to keep it on my iPhone so I can still receive push notifications through it.

What Twitter client you use on your computer and mobile device? Please answer with a comment below.