Feedly Cover View

This day and age, it seems like everyone and their brother has a blog. So, how do you organize all that great content for easy reading? Well, most prefer to use a RSS reader like Net News Wire or Google Reader. I have tried many different types of RSS readers from OS X software, to internet applications, and even iPhone applications. After trying many different solutions, I came to the conclusion that newspaper style RSS readers suited my needs best. A few months ago, I got wind of a Firefox extension called Feedly, which is an in browser RSS reader that takes Google Readers backend and slaps a beautiful start page style front end on to it.

One thing I love about feedly is how they have designed it to offer a magazine like style view, which lays the stories out in a very logical and visually appealing way. I personally prefer the Feedly digest view, but they offer a list view and a cover view too. All 3 formats offer a different way of stylishly displaying your blog feed stories. Feedly also does a great job of integrating with social networks Twitter, Friendfeed, and Digg for easily sharing stores you like with your friends and followers.

One of the best features of Feedly is that it uses Google Reader to maintain the blog lists. This might not seem like anything major, but what it allows you to do is still read your RSS feeds online when you are away from your computer. You can just log into Google Reader and pick up right where you last left off on your feeds.

Feedly is currently available for Firefox and Safari (Still in Beta). They are rumored to be offering up a Chrome version of the application also. I would love to see them come out with an iPhone version, but I have not heard anything about this just yet. Checkout Feedly.com for more info.

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UPDATE: It appears Feedly will be previewing Feedly for Chrome very soon. Follow @feedly_chrome on Twitter if you would like an invite.